Things to Consider When Choosing a Pet Photographer

You just adopted a new furry friend and have decided to hire a photographer to take photos of him. How do you know what to look for or what questions are important to ask? Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right photographer for you.


How experienced is the photographer. Not just as a photographer but in working with animals. The question is not only how long the photographer has been in business, but what experience the photographer has handling the needs of  animals. A photographer who has been photographing weddings and family portraits may be a good photographer, but it is important that the photographer working with your pet understands how to handle your animal properly and make the experience enjoyable for everyone. 



It is important that a pet photographer is able to give the animal whatever it needs to get comfortable during the shoot. Often that means lots of play breaks and working with your pets personality. Your photographer should ask questions about your pets temperament and how to best bring out your pets best qualities.  Some animals need more time to relax than others and a photographer who strictly sets a time limit for the shoot or expects your animal to sit quietly on command is not going to end up with beautiful photos of your pet. Working with a photographer who is relaxed, patient and understands your pets needs will make the whole experience fun.


Take a look at the photographers portfolio and social media platforms. Do you like their photographs? Do you prefer bright and clean backgrounds or do you envision something neutral or dark? Do you like a studio style or prefer locations such as parks or cityscapes? Are you looking for a portrait style photograph or something more editorial, showing your pet running and playing? Are you wanting photos of your fur baby alone or were you hoping to be in the photos as well? Look for the elements that are important to you in a photographers work. If you don’t see photographs that look like what you are hoping to get, you will most likely be disappointed with the end results.



I get it. Photography is an investment. Once you decide to make the investment, find a photographer who understands your budget and is up front with you about what things cost. You should be given a full price list early on in the process. There is nothing worse than sticker shock after the photos have been taken and you are in the sales appointment looking at beautiful photos you can’t afford. That being said be honest with the photographer about your budget. Photographers are business owners. We understand that you are working with a budget. Give us a heads up and we can honestly discuss your options when we are planning your session.


You need to know what to expect of the process. Find a photographer who communicates with you from the start. You should know how much things cost, when you have to pay, how to make an appointment, what to do to prepare for the appointment, what to expect during the shoot, how long it takes before you can view your photographs and how long it takes to receive artwork once you order. It’s important to know what happens next and your photographer should be discussing each step in the process with you.


Do you like this person? This is the one thing that will really make your pet photography experience a good or bad one. You want to have a good feeling about this person who is working with you and your pet. Be honest with yourself, how do you feel around them.