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8 Interesting Facts About Dachshunds

August 06, 2018  •  2 Comments


Dachshunds are one of the most recognizable breeds around. Their short legs and long backs stand out in a crowd. Dachshund lovers are devoted to the breed and for good reason. Here are a few fun facts about Sausage Dogs:


  • Dachshunds were originally bred around 300 years ago in Germany to hunt badgers—their name literally means “badger hound”. Their short legs and long body allow them to enter badger dens, and their fierce gusto gives them the courage to take on the often larger mammals.


  • There are three varieties of Dachshund. Short haired, long haired and wire haired.  They have 12 different colors which can show up in many different patterns and combinations and they come in two sizes: standard (which weigh between 12 and 15 lbs.) and miniature (which are less than 11lbs).


  • Hot dogs were named after them. The history of hot dogs is murky at best, but some historians believe that they were first known as dachshund sausages, after the similarly shaped dogs, which were favorite companions of German butchers.


  • Doxies are actually not lap dogs, they are very athletic. Having been bred as a hunting dog, Dachshunds need lots of exercise. They thrive on activity and their curiosity will have them nosing in every hole and under every bush. If you are an active, outdoorsy person, a Dachshund is a great companion.


  • Because they are prone to hereditary back issues, it is important for them to maintain a healthy weight. Slipped or herniated disks can be expensive to treat and recovery can take 6 weeks or longer. So ignore those pleading eyes and feed only what your veterinarian recommends. As well as maintaining their weight, you can help prevent back issues by making sure you exercise them regularly to build up the muscles supporting their backs.


  • Dachshunds live a long time. The average life of your Doxie is 12-16 years. In dog years that is a very long life!


  • They have a REALLY big bark. In proportion to their size, a Dachshund’s bark is much louder than you would expect. Dachshund owners will always have stories about trying to teach them not to bark. It’s as if they have a switch that gets flipped and it takes a while to turn them off again.


  • It is hard to just have one. They are like potato chips – once you have one spunky, silly clown, it won’t be long until you want another one!



As far as I am concerned, Dachshunds are one of my favorite breeds to photograph. I always get silly faces and head tilts from them. Photographing them is a bit like herding cats, but I like herding cats!


Vicki Atz(non-registered)
Loved seeing my boy !!! Proud mama of Little Bit !!!
Vicki Atz(non-registered)
I feel like I wrote that ! Their personalities are unique and "Yes" they are like potato chips, can't own just one !!!' Always love seeing your pics!!!!
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