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Zen : My Heart Dog

June 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Two years ago today, I lost my heart dog. She was six and a half years old and she died following complications after TPLO surgery to correct a torn ligament in her knee. It wasn’t anybody’s fault. The surgeon and staff at the orthopedic veterinary practice where she had the surgery were top notch. My normal vet who diagnosed the injury and who treated her after was also top notch. She had a reaction to the antibiotics and nothing could be done to save her.


At the time, I felt a ripping in my chest as my heart broke. I still have that dog shaped hole in my heart where she lives. I’m sure that hole will be with me for the rest of my life. Sometimes you only have that one dog that completely changes your life and makes it better by their presence in it. I was blessed beyond belief to have been given another heart dog in my girl, Roxanne. I’m positive Zen sent her to me knowing that I needed that in my life.


I’m not writing this post to bum you out. But, please, please, please love your babies while you have them. Play with them. Give them all the love and attention they need. Take care of them as they age.  They don’t stay with us forever. Love them the same way they love you. Your life will be rich beyond belief if you do.


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