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So you want to travel with your dog...

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In the last couple of years, I have been trying to find vacations that I can include my dogs on. If you are like me vacation can be a tradeoff between wanting to enjoy some time away from home and hating the thought of leaving your dogs for an extended period. So my solution has been to take them with me. Now, I am not much of a camper and I’m not likely to sleep out under the stars, so what do I do about finding a place to stay? I’ve discovered that there are a good number of options. Some are more expensive than others but there are options that are very reasonable choices.  Here are a few I recommend. I will link the contact info below.


The first place I tried was Crider’s Cabins on the Rio Frio in Leaky, Texas.  The property is beautiful with the river running right through it. There are several cabins which are spaced a good distance apart for privacy and it is in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. The prices are very reasonable and the best part was, they welcome dogs. There is no additional charge to bring dogs and the property is big enough to do some nice hikes with your furry pal.


My next trip was to Comfort, Texas to a cabin called “A Lazy S Place.” Also in the Hill Country, “A Lazy S Place” is a cute little cabin that sits on top of a hill with green as far as the eye can see. The host Maggie makes the place comfortable and welcoming for both you and your dogs. The kitchen is completely outfitted with everything you need to prepare meals and there is a beautiful balcony overlooking the property where you can sit and enjoy your morning coffee. Again, reasonable prices and no extra charge for dogs.


We next decided a trip to the beach was in order. Jamaica Joy beach house on Jamaica Beach near Galveston was our choice. The house is completely equipped with everything from entertainment options to a chef’s kitchen. The owners have dogs so they made it a priority to accommodate guests with dogs. The backyard of the house is completely fenced so your dogs can run free to their hearts content (a plus for my city dogs who live in a condo most of the time) and also has a fire pit, gas grill and seating so you can join in on the fun. The beach is a short walk and is less crowded that a lot of the public beaches closer to Galveston. I’m not sure if there is additional charges for bringing your dogs because you book through VRBO and they quote you based on the fact that the dogs are included, but the prices were less than a number of other places and there were not a ton of charges added on for cleaning and damage deposits.


I just recently discovered that La Quinta Hotels are very pet friendly. I had my air conditioner go out one Saturday and decided I didn’t want to sleep in a hot house so the dogs and I went to stay at La Quinta. You don’t even have to tell them you are bringing dogs. You just show up with no more than two dogs and they don’t blink an eye. The one we stayed at gave us a room right next to a door leading out to the “dog area” which was well kept and clean and big enough for my dogs to get some good sniff time in before we headed back to the room for the night. Now that we know how easy it is, we just might blaze a trail across the U.S. hopping from La Quinta to La Quinta!


These are just a few of the places that are dog friendly and it is getting easier and easier to travel with your best friend. I would love to know of any places you have stayed with your dogs. I’m always looking for recommendations!


Criders Cabins

A Lazy S Place

Jamaica Joy

La Quinta Inns & Suites



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