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5 Reasons to Have Good Photos of Your Pet

May 22, 2018  •  2 Comments

“People are taking more pictures now than ever before, billions of them, but there are no slides, no prints. Just data. Electronic dust. Years from now when they dig us up there won’t be any pictures to find, no record of how we lived.” from the film – KodaChrome

The above quote puts into words for me, why my business is built on creating prints and wall art rather than a disk full of digital images that will get thrown in a drawer or become obsolete as technology changes. If you have ever asked yourself why you would want to have professional photos taken of your pet, let me do a quick countdown for you of my top 5 reasons:

5. Because every animal is a work of art. Do you ever look at your pet and think “that is a gorgeous creature?” They all are. Every. Single. One. Their grace and athleticism is just beautiful. They are all individuals, some with incredible markings and colors others with eyes you could get lost in. The longer you look at them the more you appreciate their beauty.

4. Seeing them in your daily life makes you smile. Most of us can’t take our pets to work with us, but you can frame a picture and put it on your desk or bookshelf. In my office, I have a bookshelf directly across from my desk full of pictures of my dogs. I smile every time I look up from my computer and get to see their silly, beautiful faces! The same at home. I walk through my front door and the first thing I see are pictures of my dogs and me on the wall directly across from my front door. (The second thing I see is a terrier mix doing a happy dance and wagging her tail so hard it hurts. )

3. Because you have, like, 20 outfits for your pet and they need to be seen. I admit it. When I first adopted my Maltese, Surya, I couldn’t wait to buy him shirts and sweaters and bow ties and tiny jackets. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as excited about those things as I was, but I was able to take pictures of him in them and it makes me smile whenever I see them.

2. Because YOUR pet is the cutest pet EVER. As W.R. Purche said “Everyone thinks they have the best dog.  And none of them are wrong.”  You owe it to the world to share your pet with them!

AND the #1 reason is...

1. No matter how long you have them, it is never long enough. Our pets are only with us for a short time. I lost a beloved dog to a reaction to antibiotics after knee repair surgery when she was only 6 and half years old. I was devastated when she passed, but I have pictures of her from the moment I got her until the day before I lost her. I can see her and remember every beautiful detail of her.  She is the reason I choose to take pictures of pets. I want everybody to have that record of their precious baby to keep forever.


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