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New Series - My Favorite Photographers - Elke Vogelsang

April 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


I’m starting a new series highlighting some of my favorite photographers. These are artists whom I admire, who inspire me and whose photos I could look at over and over and not tire of them.

I am starting with a German photographer named Elke Vogelsang. Elke lives with her husband, and three rescued sight hound/sight hound mixes. She became interested in photography as an outlet after her husband Carsten suffered an brain hemorrhage  while in the bathtub and almost drowned. Her dogs created such a ruckus that she decided to check on him and found him moments before slipping under the water. His recovery was long and difficult and she turned to photographing her dogs as a visual diary for him during his recovery and a way to handle the stress.

When I look at Elke’s photos, I see simple, clean and beautiful images. But mostly, I see the dog’s personality. She has an uncanny ability to show her audience what she sees. And what she sees is the essence of the animal, the absolute purity of unconditional love. Her photos are full of soulful looks, silly faces and wonderful thoughtful moments in her dog’s lives. She captures their joy, curiosity and individuality. She celebrates the differences in their personalities. Her book “Nice Nosing You” is a must have. I keep it on my shelf and pull it out any time I need inspiration or just want some joy in my life.

If you want to enjoy viewing  some wonderful pictures of dogs like the one above, check out Elke’s Facebook page and buy her book here.







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