Kim Tonks Photography | The Process - How does a Pet Photography session work?

The Process - How does a Pet Photography session work?

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If you want to have pictures taken of your pet and wonder “How does it work?” This post is for you.  When you book a session with me, we will discuss what type of photos you are wanting of your pet, either by phone or in person (in person usually works best, especially if I can meet your pet and help them get comfortable with me) and you will receive a copy of my contract and a questionnaire by email. The contract is because….you know….legal stuff and the questionnaire helps me understand your animal a little better. You fill that out and send it back to me before our appointment and I know what I need to be prepared to get the best pictures possible.


On the day of our session, I will arrive at your home with a portable studio set-up. There will be backdrops, lights and any props that might be helpful.  The easiest way to take good photos of an animal is to have a relaxed animal and most pets feel happier in their own space. I will spend some time getting to know your pet (that helps me to figure out how to best bribe them to cooperate) and may even work on training certain behaviors (like ignoring a big flashing light). Finally, I will start photographing your pet. I will make crazy noises, use grunting pig toys and squeaky chickens to get their attention and I will probably ask you to help me guide them to pose for me. We may end up taking a few breaks here and there so nobody gets too stressed (owners I’m talking about you too). The whole process normally takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, but can be a bit longer for animals that are shy.


Once the photographs are taken, I will spend some time processing them and let you know when they are ready to view. That normally happens within two weeks, but can be as long as a month during busy times. I will make an appointment to meet with you and talk about which photos you would like to purchase. After ordering, the prints should be ready for delivery in about 7-10 days.


Hopefully, I have answered most of your questions about how the process works, but feel free to post anything I missed below and I will do my best to answer.


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