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Preparing for the Photo Session

February 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


You have made your appointment to have photos taken of your fur baby and you are getting ready for the day. What now? This post is all about getting ready for your session.


The most important thing you can do to help make the photography session successful is educate your photographer. I send out a questionnaire to each client when we book your appointment. Every animal is different and the more I know about your pet’s temperament and likes and dislikes, the easier it will be for everybody. Imagine having a shy pet that hates loud noises and here I come with a squeaky toy and flashing lights! I only get a short time with your pet to make them comfortable and get beautiful memories for you. It is so much easier when I know what will help your fur baby comfortable.


I use food as a bribe A LOT. An animal that has just eaten a big meal will be less likely to work to get a treat than one who is a little hungry. At the same time, a starving animal will be so focused on getting the food; I won’t be able to keep their attention. So try for a sweet spot between fed but (as my British parents say) peckish (it means you could eat a snack). A meal a couple of hours before our appointment would probably work well. Also, if your animal has allergies or food restrictions, let me know or possibly have treats that your pet can have available at our shoot.


Energy is a bit of an enemy in getting an animal to pose. If you have a high energy pet, it helps to tire them out a bit before the session. Take your dog for a walk, throw a ball for him to retrieve, play with your cat just before our appointment. There will be plenty of excitement during the session. A tired animal is a well behaved animal.


Grooming. Wedding and portrait photographers often warn their clients not to get a new haircut or make drastic changes right before their photos. With animals it is less of an issue, but keep in mind how you think your pet looks cutest. If you like your dog when her hair has grown out a bit put off getting her groomed until after our session. My Maltese eats with his whole face and always has food under his chin. I take his picture the day he has come home from the groomer since it is the only time I can catch him clean. So the rule with grooming is: think about how your pet looks best and do that. If you have a pet with lots of hair, a good brushing before the appointment will be in order.


Hopefully, I have answered most of your questions, but please ask anything else you need to know in the comments below.


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