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Be my Valentine

February 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Since it is Valentine’s Day I wanted to talk about how you know your pet loves you. There are tons of studies that have been done showing that our pet’s serotonin levels rise when they look at us or how they sense disease or danger and rescue their owners, but I am thinking of a more personal show of love.


I had a cat, Simba, that would sit a few feet away from me and whenever I looked at him, he would slowly blink. I started blinking back and EVERY single time he would repeat the gesture. It was his quiet “I love you.”


My little Maltese, Surya, is always at my feet. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, I have to watch for him, because he is always there.


Roxanne, my terrier mix, does what I call “armless hugs.” She gets on my lap and puts her head under my chin and just leans in. She makes these sweet sighing noises that just kill me.


So I want to hear what your pets do to show you they love you. Tell me in the comments below.


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