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Keeping Memories Alive

October 11, 2017  •  2 Comments


I recently had the experience of fearing that all of my belongings, my home and possibly my life could be swept away. I’m talking about hurricane Harvey. Sitting in my home waiting to see how close the flood waters were going to get, I began to try to make some decisions about what I would absolutely need to save in the event I had to leave. My dogs, of course. My camera, yes. But, as I looked around, I realized I could not stand the idea of losing photos of my loved ones, including my pets. I have beautiful images of dogs and cats that have long since crossed over the rainbow bridge that would be devastating to lose.


One of the reasons I am so passionate about taking photos of pets is that they are not with us as long as they should be. They move through our lives, expanding our hearts and giving to us in ways we never imagined and it is never for long enough. I have photos of my dogs at every stage of their lives. Some as puppies, some as half-starved rescues who blossomed into stunning beauties and many of them just being their wonderful, silly selves. I get to have those forever, even if I can’t keep my dogs with me for that long. So for me, sitting there waiting to see what would happen, it was clear that “stuff” may not be important, but some things are worth more than money. They are the ways we keep memories alive.


Kim Tonks Photography
Thanks Angela, I am so glad you have the photo of your horse to keep forever. It's so nice to look at them and remember how that animal influenced your life!
Angela valentine(non-registered)
So true,

I have a photo of one of the most influential fur friends I had! Bobby was the horse that taught me so much and is responsible for my continued life long passion for horses! He was a gentslmen and a great mate!
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