I am a Houston based, dog loving, yoga teaching photographer. I live with my two rescue dogs, Roxanne a sassy terrier mix who never met a stranger and Surya, a Maltese puppy mill survivor who, I am pretty sure, hates being the cute one. I spend a good amount of time photographing adoptable rescue dogs and cats hoping to catch the eye of potential adopters among a sea of available dogs looking for homes. Every animal should have a loving home.

I taught yoga for 16 years and am always impressed by the grace and flexibility of the human body, even in brand new students. I am awed by athletic ability. It takes dedication and practice to achieve even on a small scale and most of us are busy enough already. 

So what do you love? What are your passions? What can I photograph for you to preserve those memories? Lets talk about your ideas. Please contact me here for a low pressure phone call to see if we are a good fit.

Photo by Robyn Arouty Photography